Stock reduction.

50% reduction of the fittings stock needed as compared to traditional systems since SharkBite NEXUS and SharkBite PRESS systems compatible with both PEXa and Multilayer pipes alike.

Reduced size / slim profile.

SharkBite NEXUS and SharkBite PRESS fittings sizes are slightly larger than the respective pipe dimensions. It makes both systems suitable for either classic in-wall installations (bricks) and new types of installations (pladur, plaster, synthetic walls, etc.)

High pressure and temperature resistant.

Maximum Operating Temperature = 95° C, Maximum Operating Pressure = 10 bar.

Corrosion Resistant.

Scale and corrosion simply cannot build-up inside either SharkBite NEXUS and SharkBite PRESS systems thanks to the smooth inner surface of plastic pipes and fittings.

Minimum linear expansion.

For SharkBite NEXUS and SharkBite PRESS systems: SharkBite Multilayer, the coefficient of linear expansion, is similar to that of copper pipes and seven times less than that of PEX monolayer pipes.

Shape retaining.

After bending, SharkBite Multilayer and SharkBite PEXa pipe, retains the required shape. This capacity brings the system the possibility of a reduction in the number of 90° elbow fittings needed for installation.

Full oxygen-tight.

The system is 100% oxygen-tight when installing SharkBite Multilayer pipes, thanks to its aluminum middle layer. This is a very important feature for a high temperature heating system. This property also prevents any metallic part of the system from oxidation.


The system is very flexible and light-weight. Its simple and fast installation also saves time and money. A pipe coil, 100 m length, I 6 mm, weights a mere 11 kg.

Long Life.

If the system is used according to the specified working pressure and temperature, a working life of at least 50 years is guaranteed.

No noise nuisance.

No noise nuisance originates due to the liquid flow, thanks to the smooth inner surface and flexibility of both pipes. Water-ham­mer is reduced by 2 to 3 times in comparison to metal installations.


All system components comply with the most stringent toxicological and hygienic requirements and are suitable for drinking water transportation. There is no odor, taste nor toxicity.

Fire Behavior.

The system is classified as Type I Class B for normally flammable building elements, according to DIN 4102.