The SharkBite Warranty:

Valid for SharkBite PEXa, SharkBite Multilayer tubes and accessories. SharkBite NEXUS and SharkBite PRESS are for use in piping systems of hot and cold water, sanitary hot water ACS, heating and compressed air, being the beneficiary owners of the property during the term period of validity of the warranty.

Certificate of Guarantee: RELIANCE WORLDWIDE CORPORATION EUROPE S.L., guaranteed by liability policy, R.C. manufacturing defects under normal conditions of use and applications according to regulations corresponding production.

Validity of Warranty: Ten (10) years.

RELIANCE WORLDWIDE CORPORATION EUROPE S.L. shall receive written notification of any issues which might be regarded as conditional subject to this Warranty Certificate before thirty (30) days of being aware. The installer or the owner of the facility, is required to minimize damage in case of loss, taking actions it deems necessary to do so. RWC holds no responsibility.

If there is an issue with a filed complaint, it shall give the company all available documentation on the underlying causes, including representative samples of the items claimed defective. In the case of pipes, one must send a sample of suitable length containing the original dial. In the case of an accessory, one must send the package containing the data, whenever possible.

RELIANCE WORLDWIDE CORPORATION EUROPE S.L., will repair or replace any accessory and / or piping, outlined in this document, which has been proven to be defective.

The maximum guarantee coverage amount is ten million Euros (€ 10,000,000.00) per claim.

The warranty applies only as set forth in this Guarantee Certificate and provided items sold:

(A) They have not been exposed to temperatures and / or pressures above limitations according to the enforcement of reference or limitations specified by the manufacturer in any of its specifications.

(B) Remain in their original installation location.

(C) does not show evidence of having been handled incorrectly, have not been damaged by freezing liquid inside, have not been used for various chemical agents, used for drinking water, or those indicated in each application by RWC EUROPE.

(D) they have been installed according to the installation instructions provided at all times or technical manuals.

(E) are installed and had previously been given the appropriate tab being successfully Test Pressure / Tightness mandatory, duly signed and filled in all fields of text.

(F) has submitted this certificate of guarantee, together with the pressure test sheet to fax +34 958 49 70 00 or e-mail. And always, before the date of installation bulletin issued by the installer.

Being returned to the property or installer duly accepted by RELIANCE WORLDWIDE CORPORATION EUROPE S.L. This warranty parts, materials and / or equipment not manufactured by RELIANCE WORLDWIDE CORPORATION EUROPE does not extend S.L.

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