Connection with Female Thread and Brass Body


SharkBite NEXUS Connection with Female Thread & Brass Body: used to join a pipe to a male thread.

Its body is manufactured entirely in brass. It has a special conical sealing gasket made of EPDM peroxide 70. This guarantees the tightness inside the tube.

The Connection with Female Thread Brass Body is absolutely safe for hygienic applications and does not contain any harmful substances. It is suitable for drinking water installations and for heating installations. Its chemical resistance to building materials allows it to be embedded in walls and floors without the need for protection.

This push fit fitting has a reduced installation time thanks to the innovative push-fit technology of SharkBite. It has an optimum size for embedded installations in low thickness partitions and a total compatibility with PEXa, PERT and MULTILAYER with Aluminum pipes in ø 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm.

The push fit Connection with Female Thread Brass Body is manufactured under ISO / 21003 – ISO / 15875 and ISO / 22391, also tested and approved for use at a temperature and maximum working pressure of 95ºC to 10 bar. The thread of the fitting is BSP type, according to ISO 228-1 standard.

SizeCódigo #
Connection with Female Thread 16-1/2" Brass
Connection with Female Thread 20-1/2" Brass

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