Wall Plate Elbow


Wall Plate Elbow SharkBite NEXUS: used to join a pipe to a male thread at 90º.

Its body is made of PPSU, Polyphenylsulfone (high performance technopolymer plastic) and its thread is a brass insert. Its innovative design allows it to integrate perfectly into the body of PPSU, reducing the risk of rotation In addition, it allows its hexagonal head to be fastened with a key so the installer can tighten the fitting with confidence.

It has a flat base with holes to be screwed to the SharkBite fixing plate that is designed to maintain a distance of 150 mm between its axes. This distance is used by most manufacturers of shower faucets and bathtubs. It has a special conical sealing gasket made of EPDM peroxide 70 which guarantees a tight fixation inside the pipe.

SharkBite NEXUS Wall Plate Elbow is corrosion resistant and impervious to limescale. It also has excellent resistance to hydrolysis and chemicals, even under long-term exposure to high temperatures. This fitting is safe for wholesome water & heating installations as it does not contain any harmful items. Its chemical resistance to building materials allows for installation into recessed walls and floors without the need for protection.

The wall plate Elbow has a reduced installation time thanks to the innovative push-fit technology of SharkBite. It is the perfect size for embedded installations within thin partitions and is also compatible with PEXa, PERT and MULTILAYER with Aluminum pipes in ø 16, 20, 25 and 32 mm. The push fit  is manufactured under ISO / 21003, ISO / 15875 and ISO / 22391, tested and approved for use at a maximum temperature & maximum working pressure of 95ºC to 10 bar.

SizeCódigo #
Wall Plate Elbow 16-1/2"
Wall Plate Elbow 20-1/2"

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